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Our mission is simple: To make quality healthcare accessible to all.

We know all about the shortage of GPs across Australia. With TeleDoc®, you can book a telehealth consult with an experienced Australian-certified doctor anytime, anywhere! All you need is a mobile phone to get started.

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Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

We treat common URTIs including: Sinus infection, Ear infection, Bronchitis, Tonsilitis / Strep throat


COVID / Flu / chest infection

There is a rise in respiratory viruses this season which includes RSV, Influenza & COVID. Discuss treatment options with expert physicians

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Asthma / wheeze, Croup, Eczema, Allergic Rhinitis, UTIs, Balanitis, Skin infection, impetigo & school sores

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Too sick to go to work? Request a certified doctor's note to cover your leave.

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Request a prescription of your regular medications & receive an e-script within minutes

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Specialist referral

Need a referral to a specialist? Let us help you connect with a specialist of your choice.

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Women's health

Mastitis, UTI / cystitis, Endometriosis, PCOS, Contraception, Abnormal vaginal discharge, Fungal / yeast infection, STIs, Genital Herpes / Warts

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Men's Health

Hair loss, Hypertension (Blood Pressure), Cholesterol Management, Heart check, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation

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Discuss individualised weight loss options and join our small group weight loss program designed to help you lose weight & get back in shape.

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Since day one, our focus has remained on the QUALITY of healthcare delivery.

We understand that no two patients are alike. Our doctors take the time to understand your medical needs - no matter how simple or complex - to provide safe & personalised care.

We understand that at times, telehealth may not be the right fit for you. If that is the case, we simply refund your consultation fee.


Telehealth refers to delivery of healthcare using technology as an alternative to standard in-person consultations and is often provided via telephone & videoconferencing. Though it has some limitations, telehealth is being increasingly used to improve access to healthcare particularly in regional and rural communities across Australia. Telehealth has also shown to improve health outcomes during after-hours when GP clinics are not available for urgent and subacute medical issues. With TeleDoc, you can connect with an experienced, Australian trained & registered doctor right from the comfort of your own home.

With TeleDoc®, you can virtually connect with an experienced telehealth doctor from the comfort of your own home. Simply book an appointment at a time convernient to you and one of our on-call doctor will contact you at the designated time. You can also request a video consultation through our easy-to-use telehealth platform.

We only collaborate with Australian trained & AHPRA-registered doctors with prior experience in General Medicine, Paediatrics & Emergency Medicine. We also employ strict quality control measures including random audits to ensure that doctors are providing up-to-date, evidence based medicine to all our patients.

Yes, TeleDoc professionals can prescribe medications as well as provide repeat prescription via e-scripts that is sent directly to your mobile or to the pharmacy of your choice. The doctor will take thorough medical history to determine what medication is best suited for you.

E-scripts are a game changer! Our doctors are able to prescribe electronic scripts that gets sent to you instantly via SMS or email. It comes as a QR code on your mobile via SMS or email. E-scripts are accepted by ALL pharmacies across Australia.

No, we do not offer text-based consults as we do not believe it is appropriate and can jeopardise patient safety. All our consults are either telephone or video consults where you are thoroughly assessed. It is our way to ensure we deliver safe, personalised and comprehensive care to all our patients.

Yes, we can order pathology, imaging & referrals however, you will need to follow up with your GP to discuss your results & further management. In some cases, patients can book a subsequent appointment to follow up on their results.

Yes, We provide medical certificate to cover work / school leave when appropriate. The medical certificate will be emailed to you after the consultation. Please note that doctors are not able to backdate medical certificates and can only provide certificate for leave of maximum of 3 days.

We understand that telehealth has some limitations and patients can sometimes feel not satisfied with the doctor’s opinion. Please understand that the medical doctors are paid to give their professional opinion which may not provide optimal solution to health matters on hand. For example, in emergent cases, patients might be asked to present to the nearest hospital. Similarly, some patients with chronic, complex comorbidities may be asked to liaise with their GP for matters not deemed urgent. However, if we genuinely cannot help you out, you simply get a full refund.